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The My Blood, Your Blood program features state-of-the-art 3-D science animation, and exciting video microscopy.

Blood biology and the story of how blood works in your body is explored by Mike, a hematologist, and Rory, a very smart, animated, red blood cell.


Rory loves to talk about blood biology! "Now, even though, usually, you can't see your blood, it's not that hard to find. It is carried to every part of your entire body by thousands of blood vessels... arteries, veins and capillaries."
"In fact, would you believe the human body has so many miles of blood vessels inside of it, they could encircle the Earth more than twice? It's true!"


"Think of your blood as the transportation system in your body that's always on the move, making deliveries and pick-ups day and night. Pumped by your heart, your blood circulates non-stop carrying and dropping off nutrients like food and oxygen to wherever they're needed and then collecting waste products to get rid of."

Mike explains further:"The blood in our bodies is made up of different parts or components. There are red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma."


"The whole combination literally makes up your bloodstream. But, even though these blood cells are quite different when they are mature, they all begin the same way. They begin... as stem cells. And then, to make life even more interesting, blood can be categorized into different blood types. Click on the subject you want to learn about first to discover more."


It was a cool video because it told you about the blood inside your body.
— Daniel,
elementary school student
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