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What's not to love about the emerald city? The modern skyline, the futuristic space needle, the coffee culture, the lush green surroundings, and the Cascades - add to that the ABC Summer Meeting - and you've got a perfect summer getaway! We are heading to Seattle and we couldn't be happier with the program. Puget Sound Blood Center will be hosting the 52nd Summer Meeting and we hope that you will meet us there.

The Blood Center Leadership Forum on Aug. 7 will focus ongovernance, a key element of ABC's strategic plan, andinnovation, one of ABC's core values. Why these two? It became apparent to ABC's Meetings Committee and leadership that the current blood banking environment has led members into exploring new ventures, different organizational structures, and unique partnerships to remain viable. Some have explored traditional mergers or acquisitions, but in many cases the end result is a business partnership that can be defined as nothing less than innovative. But what does innovation in the biomedical field look like? And, how do innovative ideas even get started? What type of corporate environment nurtures it? Dawn Barry and her team from Illumina will answer those questions and give members a starting point to apply innovation to their businesses, whether to survive, thrive or diversify, or simply to reorganize to keep up with the times.

However, these decisions do not happen in a vacuum and certainly not without the blessing of the blood centers' boards. Yet many members - we are told - are not managing their boards to their maximum potential. ABC's board and leadership were very pleased with the governance retreat that took place last February, conducted by Les Wallace. He was also instrumental in helping ABC craft a sound and robust strategic plan reflecting the association's core values. Managing a board and steering it toward strategic issues and away from operational micromanagement is an art, and Mr. Wallace is the artist that can inspire us all - by imparting expertise - with the right ideas to make that move.

Two large pieces of the puzzle - governance and innovation - are coming together in Seattle. In addition, we hope you join us for the Medical Directors Workshop on Aug. 5, the SMT Forum on Aug. 6, and the Members Meeting  on Aug. 7, which will feature a discussion on ABC Bylaws amendments. Non-members and vendors interested in attending may contact Lori Beaston at lbeaston@americasblood.org.

Matt Granato, MBA, Chief Operating Officer;mgranato@americasblood.org

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