The Clock is Ticking

Whether talking about America's Blood Centers or our member centers, there are two rudimentary contributors to the financial equation. Decreasing costs and increasing revenue are essential to the bottom line. Sometimes trimming costs can be a delicate proposition. The need to meet or exceed member needs now and in the future must be balanced with the handling of short-term priorities. Often alternative sources of revenue are difficult to find. I would like to share with you today some of ABC's activities to reduce costs and increase revenue as we strive to assure financial accountability to our members.

ABC's board of directors, previous Interim CEO Bill Coenen, and the ABC senior leadership team made changes last year that continue today as examples of careful stewardship of member's dues. Three staff positions were eliminated and a data analyst consultant was terminated, cutting costs by $260,000. We have reassigned roles and responsibilities, established teams, and through cross-training and staff development, ABC functions more efficiently and productively. We do not intend to replace these positions.

ABC also consolidated its office space in Washington D.C. from two floors to one. As of Jan. 1, ABC moved all operations to the 7th floor, and rent-generating sub-tenants now occupy the 9th floor, paying approximately $70,000 per year. Renovations were made to the 7th floor in order to accommodate all ABC staff, and we are in the process of extending our lease agreement in order to depreciate the cost to our economic advantage.

Grouping ABC staff in one location is not a "make do" proposition - it is a strategic imperative. Cross-functional collaboration is necessary to effectively deliver the greatest value to our members in alignment with ABC's strategic plan. The new office configuration uses open space architecture to improve communication and work flow. Cross-functional pods have replaced private offices as the virtual hub of activity. A mixed-use conference room is the epicenter for face-to-face and video-teleconferencing teamwork. 

The clock is ticking. As the ABC Annual Meeting approaches, ABC members have an important role to play in supporting the financial health of ABC. Not only is this going to be a superb annual meeting, but your vote is needed to approve the proposed bylaw change that adds "hospital-based associate members" as an additional dues-paying category (http://bit.ly/abcamendment). This proposal has the support of your ABC board of directors and the ABC Bylaws, Finance, and Membership Committees. Fortunately there is still time to register (http://bit.ly/1gFccwD). I hope to see you there!

Christine S. Zambricki, DNAP, CRNA, FAAN, Chief Executive Officer; czambricki@americasblood.org

Posted: 02/28/2014 | By: Christine S. Zambircki DNAP, CRNA, FAAN | Permalink
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