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Hopefully you attended Wednesday's webinar on the recommendations of the ABC Dues Task Force and heard directly from ABC CEO Christine Zambricki about how ABC is working to accomplish our strategic goals. In the next couple of weeks, all ABC member CEOs and member voting representatives will receive their 2014 Member Value Report. I encourage you to review it and share it with your blood center colleagues.

The first of the two-page report details ABC's overall accomplishments on our five strategic goals. On the advocacy front, ABC successfully led a coalition petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to review plasma regulations. After 12 years of industry efforts, FDA is now preparing a guidance, set to be published this year, in response to our concerns. ABC leadership and volunteers employed a multimodal approach, including grassroots, legislative, regulatory, coalition building, and research and communications. Notably, we interacted with 290 key stakeholders, influencers, and policy makers (yes, we are keeping track!) to clarify our positions and advance our members' interests, expressed in our advocacy agenda.

We also made great strides on our education initiatives. We are creating the ABC Professional Institute, a strategic shift in ABC's professional and continuing education services, with the mission of providing and delivering knowledge, innovation, best practices, and resources to advance competency and achieve distinction in blood banking. In 2014, we hosted 27 webinars, two leadership forums, and four specialty workshops that were highly rated and well-attended.

We also assessed our organizational structure and realigned staff responsibilities with our strategic goals. We saved our members $75,000 per year by consolidating office space. The ABC Data Warehouse (DW) hit several important milestones in 2014, bringing us closer to full member participation. Most importantly, we involved you - the members - by establishing the Requirements Advisory Committee to ensure meaningful and actionable business intelligence reporting out of the DW. On the governance front, we reviewed and overhauled ABC's bylaws to reflect the current environment and best association practices. Finally, we logged over 3,300 interactions with our members throughout 2014. And that's just the first page of the report!

On the second page, you will find an overview of how we worked with your blood centerspecifically, listing ABC's assistance to you by topic, your blood center staff by discipline and title, and the method of interaction (phone, e-mail, in-person, etc.).

The report provides both a view of what ABC has doneforyou andwithyou. These accomplishments would have not been possible if it were not for our dedicated staff, volunteer leadership, and the selfless members who serve on committees or consult with ABC staff informally. We are confident you will find value in our accomplishments and interactions, and continue to support us by lending your time and talents.

Matt Granato, MBA, Chief Operating Officer;mgranato@americasblood.org

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