The centerpiece of the My Blood, Your Blood project is the video program featuring interviews with blood recipients, students and biomedical researchers as well as state-of-the-art 3-D science animation to illustrate the concepts presented.

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Meet our friendly, knowledgeable host, who guides students into the fascinating world of blood cells, blood donation and biomedical research.
Discover the history of blood science, the composition of the blood, how red blood cells are manufactured as well as  how they help oxygenate and repair the body's tissues.  
Get an overview of how the different types of white blood cells - e.g. granulocytes and leukocytes - defend the body against germs.
Hear blood recipients discuss the impact of blood donations on their lives, and high school talk about what it is like and how they feel about the process of donating blood.

Finally, meet a group of scientists who are working on the frontiers of biomedical research.  They talk about the tremendous progress being made in ensuring a safe blood supply and how blood transfusions and tissue donations are enabling to fight disease and make a better life possible for many patients.  They also share their personal accounts and the excitement they experience everyday working in this rapidly expanding field.


I think the movie was terrific.  You should show it to high school kids  because they could encourage their their parents to donate their blood .

— Brandon,
elementary school student
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