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The centerpiece of the My Blood, Your Blood elementary school module is the 27-minute video program featuring live-action people, and state-of-the-art 3-D science animation, and delightful 3-D character animation.

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Meet Mike, a friendly, knowledgeable laboratory technician, who guides students into the fascinating world of blood cells as seen under the microscope.
Come travel with Rory, an energetic, red blood cell, who takes students on a tour of the circulatory system.
Then, meet Granville the Granulocyte, who teaches kids about the proud role white cells play while defending the body against germs.
Follow the "Sticklers" … a trio of humorous platelets! They explain how they help plug holes in blood vessel walls to stop bleeding when an injury occurs.

Finally, meet the kids helping Ellie "cell-ebrate" her recovery following her accident.

They're smart. They're curious. And, they care about other people.


I think the movie was wonderful. Also, I think you should show it to the kids from age 6 to 10 because they could watch the movie and tell their parents and perhaps their parents are going to donate their blood to other people that need blood.
— Obed,
elementary school student
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