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ABC is pleased to announce that My Blood, Your Blood has received award-winning recognition for its content and contribution to education. The awards include:

2000 Catalyst Gold Award in the Education Category and the 2000 Catalyst Silver Award in the Animation Category from the Design Council of America

2000 WorldMedal Finalist Award in the Science Category from The New York Festivals (where there were over 1200 entries from 43 countries)

Three Telly Awards - two in Education (elementary and high school) and another in the Health/Medicine Category (11,000 entries from all over the world)

Three separate 2000 Crystal Awards of Excellence from The Communicator Awards in the Writing Category, Special Effects/Animation Category and Education Category

Award of Distinction in the Marketing Category from The Communicator Awards for the making of the video (Over 3,300 entries from 47 states and 8 foreign countries submitted).

Our thanks to those who helped support this important program!


I think that giving blood to save a person's life should be like a hero giving his blood away. [The movie] should be for people all around this world. Everybody should know, rich, poor, white, black, Mexican, Hmong, Chinese, whatevery they are they should know.
— Christa,
elementary school student
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