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The My Blood, Your Blood® video begins with an invitation from Ellie to attend her party.

She has just returned home from the hospital following a serious auto accident and she wants to see all her friends again.


While in the hospital, Ellie received a blood transfusion to help heal her injuries. In fact, she needed 30 pints of blood! And that's a lot! But now that she's home and healthy again, her friends are coming from all over the USA to help her "cell-ebrate."


Before the party begins, we find Mike working in his laboratory, doing something he really loves... studying blood cells under the microscope! Mike is a hematologist.


Soon we discover that Rory, an animated red blood cell, is the focus of Mike's examination under the microscope. Rory complains to Mike, "Can I get up and move around yet? I'm feeling a little squeezed down here."


Mike and Rory are looking forward to Ellie's homecoming "cell-ebration." They know how important it was that blood was available to help save Ellie's life when she needed it. They appreciate the thoughtfulness of people in all of our communities who volunteer to donate blood because they care about other people. Only people can give blood to other people.


Rory is a very proud red blood cell. He loves to share his excitement about his travels around the circulatory system. Here, he asks Tyler to help him demonstrate how, if all our blood vessels were strung end to end, they would encircle the earth more than twice!


Soon the "Sticklers" arrive. They are the sticky platelets in blood that plug up tears in torn blood vessels. They love doing their job. Here, they admire the scab they made on Nathan's leg after he took a dive off his bike the previous day.



Back in the lab, Mike gets a visit from Granville, an animated Granulocyte or white blood cell who wants everyone to know more about "his" side of the blood family. Mike explains how there are many different kinds of white cells, each with their own job to do.


Mike further explains how white cells are a very important part of the immune system and how Lymphocyte T cells and Lymphocyte B cells cooperate with other white cells called Monocytes to attack, engulf and devour germs!


Finally, Ellie's party begins and we meet many of Ellie's wonderful friends. Some, just like her, had needed a blood transfusion because they, too, had been injured or ill. Other friends are blood donors.


As Rory, Granville and the Sticklers look on, Ellie thanks everyone for coming to her wonderful "cell-ebration" and for caring about other people by volunteering to become a blood donor. "Thanks for being so generous," she tells her guests, "Thanks for sharing."


In the My Blood, Your Blood® elementary school Video, Mike, Rory, Granville and the Sticklers teach Ellie's friends some interesting facts about blood biology and circulation using microscopic imagery and colorful animation. You can see some of what they learned by clicking on: BLOOD BIOLOGY.


I learned that germs can affect your body and all the cells in your body do their job to keep you alive. If you get a cut and the cells do not do their job then I think you get an infection.
— Sarah,
elementary school student
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