Elementary School

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE . . . about blood circulating in your body, you've come to the right Web site!

My Blood, Your Blood® is an exciting new educational multimedia project for elementary students that teaches all about:

  • The importance of becoming a BLOOD DONOR!

My Blood, Your Blood® is an entertaining and instructional package utilizing live action storytelling and animation. It includes:

  • Video program for elementary school students (Length: 27 minutes)
  • Web site access to teaching tools which include:
    • Teacher's Guide, a 24-page, four-color guide with lesson strategies and discussion topics
    • Multi-disciplinary Lesson Plans for grades K-8
    • Coloring Book Template for younger students
    • Three downloadable Posters reinforcing highlights and concepts from the video

My Blood, Your Blood® was designed as a turnkey package to be used either in the classroom or the home school situation. Please see the ORDER PAGE for more information on how to obtain the program.


I like the movie because it teaches me how my blood works and what it is doing in my body.
— Vanessa,
elementary school student


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