Building a Strong Foundation

Since we realigned and streamlined our core values, we came to the realization that not all values are   created equal. Some values depend on others to thrive and accomplish their goals. We rely on three values to deliver ABC's mission of helping community blood centers: advocacy, networking and education, and data integration and benchmarking. Data, however, is at the foundation of our core values and it is through data that we meet goals related to the other two core values.

Last week, ABC President Dave Green described the three key elements of a fully operational ABC Data Warehouse (DW). I'd like to use this opportunity to let you know how we will get there. Led by ABC's Director of Regulatory Services Ruth Sylvester, a team of ABC IT/DW and Scientific, Medical, and Technical staff, along with ABC's IT consultants, have developed a plan to review the DW processes with the ultimate goal of ensuring that the data going into and coming out of the DW is accurate (counting correctly), valid (right answers), and usable (readily retrievable and displayable).

With an ambitious timeline of six months beginning in April 2013, the team will execute the plan in two steps. The first step is data verification, which includes developing a streamlined process for members to verify that their data has uploaded correctly. This will be followed by script development to automate the mapping process (each data element sent from a blood center into the DW needs to "fit" into it). And finally, a review of the available reports will take place to verify their accuracy. Step two is for data validation.

This step will ensure that data transmitted by members is not "lost in translation" once it hits the DW, but rather equals the information relayed by the MicroStrategy software for aggregate data reporting and benchmarking.

Since much is dependent on accurate and valid data, we are "crossing all the t's and dotting all the i's" to ensure that the foundation of our core values is sound and solid. After all, we rely on it to build a strong association. As members, we hope you agree and let us deliver this fundamental resource to you.

Matt Granato, Executive Vice President, Operations


Posted: 05/10/2013 | By: Matt Granato, Executive Vice President, Operations | Permalink
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