Embracing Our New Leadership

On Sept. 20, America's Blood Centers announced the hiring of Christine Zambricki, DNAP, CRNA, as ABC's new CEO. I hope readers were as impressed as ABC staff was with her experience, skills, and qualifications. With her healthcare advocacy background, we couldn't have asked for a better candidate to lead ABC at this very moment. Getting to Dr. Zambricki was not an easy process by any means. For starters, the ABC CEO Search Committee had to begin the search much earlier than anticipated. Thankfully, they were able to quickly develop search criteria that clearly defined the characteristics and skills of the new ABC leader. We were also fortunate to count on the assistance of a top talent search firm. The search firm initially reviewed 151 applicants, contacted 77, considered 11, interviewed eight and recommended four candidates to the committee. The Search Committee further narrowed the search to three candidates who appeared to meet the job description and desired CEO profile. After a round of interviews with committee members, Dr. Zambricki emerged as the top candidate and enthusiastically accepted the offer.

Now that the work of the Search Committee has come to an end (and they should be commended for their thoroughness and swiftness), the work of the membership begins. The success of our new leadership will not, and should not, rely only on the staff, officers, board of directors, and Dr. Zambricki, but rather on the entire membership. We have used this space in the past to urge our members to get involved in different programs and initiatives to ensure the success of the association. Once more, we are asking you to get involved. There is no doubt that Dr. Zambricki's first few months will be busy, as she learns about our industry, our issues, and our members. During this time, she will likely reach out to members to not only share ideas, but also to solicit feedback and learn from their experiences. I encourage you to provide her with input, while understanding that at times individual member interests differ from the collective interests.

As ABC debuts new leadership, it turns a new page, giving members an opportunity to participate in ways they may have not considered before (or re-engaging in ABC if they have strayed). ABC will begin a new strategic planning process in 2014, with ABC's core values of Advocacy, Education and Information, Data, and Innovation in mind. Maintaining an open and honest dialogue with ABC's new leadership will ensure that the common interests and concerns of the membership are appropriately captured and reflected in the new strategic plan. Embracing our new leadership, after all, is about helping shape your future.

Matt Granato, MBA, Executive Vice President, Operations; mgranato@americasblood.org

Posted: 10/04/2013 | By: Matt Granato, Executive Vice President, Operations | Permalink
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