Introducing the ABC Business Forum

By now, I hope you have had a chance to review the upcoming ABC Annual Meeting program. You will notice an interesting new addition to the program: "The ABC Business Forum: The Economics of Plasma," on Saturday, March 21.

This addition could not be timelier or more relevant. First, it complements the executive management and scientific and medical discussions in the Blood Center Leadership and SMT Forums by providing valuable information and education on the operations side of blood banking. Second, it ties in with ABC's current advocacy agenda on the issue of plasma flexibility.

Recently, ABC requested that the Food and Drug Administration consider establishing a universal product label for component plasma. ABC's position, supported by our colleagues, industry partners, and patient groups, states that plasma should be regulated consistently, regardless of collection method. Our goal is to allow blood centers the necessary flexibility to maximize the donor's gift, including its use for therapeutic product manufacturing where appropriate. We have presented our position to FDA and are now awaiting a decision.

We believe that educating ABC members on the economics of plasma - by providing a global picture of the fractionation industry, describing how clinical needs can be met, examining the regulations of plasma for fractionation and their impact on different blood center operation models, and highlighting key initiatives and technology to increase plasma production - will enhance our members' abilities to plan and prepare for a regulation change, or conversely, to make the most of the status quo. 

With our advocacy efforts, we aim to control and shape the environment in which blood centers operate. With our education, we supply our members with information, skills, and knowledge to navigate such an environment. In addition, the immediate feedback and information shared by participants is as enriching and "aha"-moment-inducing as the education provided by our event faculty. For these reasons, the ABC Business Forum needs you to attend to enrich the conversation. We hope you attend and make it whole.

Matt Granato, MBA, Chief Operating Officer;mgranato@americasblood.org


Posted: 01/16/2015 | By: Matt Granato; Chief Operating Officer | Permalink
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